Re: Thor D3sk [Remod V2] 2014 [BUILDLOG]

      This week is starting out quite nicely,
      The Bitspower Package has arrived Today ,and The Content of it is looking amazing .
      I am really excited to be installing this on to my mainboard,The asus Maximus VII hero.

      Thank you Very much Bitspower for providing this :)
      But here are some Pictures to Start out with,Video will follow soon.

      Well,after trying to record the video wich i was preparing (all except the battery) wich kinda failed,but i might be able to scrap the unboxing together.(let's hope so)

      I finally got the motherboard all up and running on the "testbench".
      Everything looked good (since i didn't install a radiator in the loop the test wasn´t going over night.
      but if there would have been a mature leak it would have been NOW.
      But i will leak test for at least 12 our´s once all is in the Desk.

      Here are some Pictures (By the Way this stuff looks so much better in person than on Photos,realy great quality)

      Hey you all,the Bitspower Waterblocks for the Asus Maximus VII Hero is installed the the motherboard is placed inside the Desk with the liquid up and running,
      i had 2 minor leaks going while testing for 30min,(not a big deal)
      The oring on one fitting was a little bad so i just changed that,
      and the flowsensor wasnt tightened enough after i opened it up and cleaned it.
      Already leaktested for 14 ours
      Everything runs smooth,also almost finished installing all the acrylic cover,
      Need on more in the middle (by the sata connectors)

      And now i can also start overclocking this,

      What is left to Do?
      Finishing the Cover.
      Buying a few more extension fittings and another flow sensor (only for the looks of it.
      Buying a new Thermal sensor for the loop,(like to have 2 on different places.)
      and cover up the rest of them small cables here and there.

      And finally make another video about the D3sk.(this time with smooth sound :) )

      Here are a few Pictures :)

      Good day to all of you,

      Here are a few shots of the inside of the D3sk,
      The Acrylic cover has been installed and
      i am now waitng ,for the rest of the Fittings.(mainly for the Astethics of the Build.)

      Have a nice day all of you,

      enjoy the Pictures :)

      And here a little Teaser Picture on whats next.(Next Build,no Buildlog or name yet)
      It will be a Build for my eight year old Daughter,it is time to get her into pc before she gets to compfortable on PS3 :)
      And here some pictures,(the black fittings are the one that got removed from the D3sk,and all the shiny stuff comes instead,(and of course i went with Bitspower)
      even got myself a Blue Thermometer,for the liquid temps.(instead of the green one.)

      This looks much better (in my opinion)
      and was totally worth the extra money.