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    Hi everyone,

    Like some of you may know,i made the thor desk last year 2013(wich got me the build of the week on linustechtips)
    After using the desk for almost a year now,i thought to myself,lets make some changes(since there were some things i always wanted to change,
    and i wanted to do it with acrylic Tubing)

    So i will be sharing that process with you,i hope you will like it,i certanly love doing it ;)


    1)Lower the legs
    2)More Radiators,for better cooling
    3)Acrylic Tubing (A must have if you have done it before)
    4)All the fittings alike(the last time i went with what i had,EK,Bitspower and koolance)now only bitspower
    5)Extra Compartment for poweradapter with 10 connectors ,Router,and External HDD's)
    6)SSD mounting cage (build into the Wall of the desk)
    7)Usb Connection on the outside of the Case(i have to see with that when i get further along)
    8)Cutom Acrylic Motherboard tray wit LED
    9)New Fans From Corsair (Corsair AF 120 LED blue)+
    10)Vandal Power and reset Button

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